My Profile

            I am a Sr. Researcher at Financial Engines (an independent investment advisor founded by Nobel Laureate Dr. William F. Sharpe). I have completed my Ph.D. in Finance at Georgia State University. Prior to joining the Ph.D. program in 2006, I taught Mathematics and Computer Science courses in India and Singapore at the Undergraduate level. I have also received the Financial Risk Manager certification from the Global Association of Risk Professionals and Masters in Mathematics from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).

           While I was doing my Ph.D., the financial crisis of 2008 brought the world's attention to retirement investors who lost a significant portion of their nest egg. Their plight led me to explore the retirement plan scenario in general and Target-Date Funds in particular, as a large number of investors are defaulted into them. My research uncovered potential agency problems associated with the structure of those funds. My current goal is to help investors manage their savings thereby making a difference to their lives.

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